On September 12, 1989, several key figures in the private sector of the U.S International Shortwave Broadcast community met in New Orleans at RADIO “89.  The purpose of this meeting was to explore the formation of a National organization to represent the interests of FCC licensed international broadcasters.
Some of those present for that initial meeting were:
Ed Bailey,           KNLS, World Christian Broadcasting
Ralph Carlson,    KUSW Worldwide
Joe Costello,       WRNO Worldwide
Ed Evans,           WSHB, WCSN, KHBI, Herald Broadcasting Syndicate
Doug Garlinger,   WHRI, LeSEA Broadcasting
Ted Haney,          KFBS, Far East Broadcasting
Tulio Haylock,     KSDA, Adventist World Radio
George Jacobs,    George Jacobs & Associates
A special session on shortwave had been held that year at Radio ‘89 entitled “Technical Aspects of Shortwave Broadcasting”  Prior to 1982, there were just four privately licensed shortwave stations in the US, WYFR, KGEI, WINB and KTWR.  The FCC was reluctant to issue shortwave licenses for many years. Finally in 1982, citing Public Law 80-402, Joe Costello of WRNO Worldwide became the first privately owned shortwave station to be licensed in many years.  By 1989, the number had grown to 16 stations.
Licensed prior to 1982:
KGEI     Redwood City, CA
KTWR   Guam
WINB    Red Lion, PA
WYFR   Okeechobee, FL
Licensed from 1982-1989:
KCBI     Dallas, TX
KFBS     Saipan
KHBI     Saipan (Formerly KYOI)
KNLS    Anchor Point, AK
KSDA    Guam
KUSW   Salt Lake City, UT
KVOH   Rancho Simi, CA
KYOI     Saipan
WCSN   Scotts Corner, ME
WHRI    Noblesville, IN
WMLK  Bethel, PA
WRNO  New Orleans, LA
WWCR  Nashville, TN
A list of U.S. shortwave stations presently licensed can be found on the FCC HF Web Page at: http://www.fcc.gov/ib/sand/neg/hf_web/stations.html
The participants in the initial Radio ‘89 meeting decided to go forward with the formation of a National association.
Articles of Incorporation were filed in Washington D.C. a few months later on February 1, 1990. The first meeting of the Board of Directors of the National Association of Shortwave Broadcasters was held by telephone conference call on February 12, 1990 to officially organize the association as a District of Columbia, Non Profit Corporation.
The first officers were:
Ed Bailey,       President
Ted Haney,     Vice President
Tulio Haylock, Secretary-Treasurer.
Each year since that time, the National Association of Shortwave Broadcasters held an Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C in the early part of the year. This meeting has been widely attended by FCC licensed shortwave broadcasters, FCC personnel, VOA, RFE/RL personnel, consultants, other international broadcasters from around the world as well as many shortwave manufacturer’s representative.  In recent years, the meetings have often been held outside of Washington in other parts of the United States and Canada, hosted by NASB members and associate members at their locations.